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I have added HQ photos of Dylan with co-star Will Poulter attending a Q&A session for “The Maze Runner” at the University New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL yesterday to the gallery!

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Thanks to the amazing Claudia at Never Enough Design, we have an amazing new layout and gallery layout! The photos featured are from Dylan’s Teen Vogue photoshoot! I hope you all like it as much as I do! If you run into any problems, let me know!

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I have added HQ photos of Dylan with his co-stars in The Maze Runner on Despierta America earlier today to the gallery!

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I have added HQ photos of Dylan attending an event for “The Maze Runner” at Regal South Beach on August 27th in Miami, Florida to the gallery!

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In four seasons, Teen Wolf has morphed from a guilty pleasure into a bloody thrill ride, making teen-scene royalty out of leads Tyler Posey (as titular teen wolf Scott McCall) and Dylan O’Brien (as his trusted friend Stiles). Offscreen, the 22-year-old actors are real-life pals who display an easy rapport despite some philosophical differences on things like sports and tattoos.

EW visited the show’s Los Angeles set recently for scoop on the sexiest, scariest, most bonkers show on MTV. Check out the extended interview below:

EW: This year, you premiered the season while still working on it. Did that throw you off to watch the premiere then come to work?
TYLER POSEY: It caught me completely off guard. We never really had a season start filming as we’re shooting it. It’s hard to be focused on both, but it’s exciting. The next day, I’ll always wake up to a text from Dylan like, ‘The episode was great, you kicked ass.’”
DYLAN O’BRIEN: I watched it at like 3:30 in the morning.

Is that your preferred viewing experience?
O’BRIEN: Sometimes that’s how it has to be. We used to do viewing parties all the time. This is something we’re not used to, how the show just comes out while we’re working. But I was stoked to go home and watch the episode. I had adrenaline.

As you near the end of season four, do you ever think back to how much Teen Wolf has changed since that first year?
POSEY: All the time. So much of this show is Dylan and me and our relationship, and the thing that blows my mind is how young I felt when we first started hanging out.
O’BRIEN: And at such a transitional point in our lives, too. We were 18, and it’s only been four years, but I feel like for us that’s a lot longer of a four years than for anyone else.
POSEY: We’ve gone through some really cool stuff with each other.

Do you remember the screen test?
POSEY: That’s where we first really hit it off.
O’BRIEN: I’ll never forget that.

What was your first impression of each other?
O’BRIEN: [laughs]
POSEY: You go first.
O’BRIEN: Well, the first thing I remember about Tyler… He walked in and asked immediately where the bathroom was. And I remember just thinking, “Wow, he’s really comfortable. That’s so badass.” And then we started talking immediately, because the test was a disaster. It took seven and a half hours.
POSEY: It took a long time.
O’BRIEN: And at one point, they let us go across the street to have lunch because they were still working things out.

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On behalf of myself, Dylan O’Brien Daily visitors, and all Dylan fans, we would like to wish Dylan a happy 23rd birthday! Thanks for being the amazing you! Make sure you go tweet @dylanobrien all your birthday wishes!

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I have added episode stills of Dylan from “Monstrous” to the gallery!